VOX Musical Concert - December 28

VOX Musical Concert  - December 28

Originally from Beirut - Lebanon, based where the music takes her. Earlybird produces her journey by electronically morphing and shifting organic sounds, translating them into a sonic photograph. Her gentle hand-plucked guitar takes you to a sunrise by the beach, while uplifting beats and warm pads remind you of the dancing ocean tide. Earlybird’s meticulously crafted sounds will transcend you to a nostalgic reminiscence. She honed her craft and sounds with her releases that revolve around sonically expressing her journey as an artist and as a person. Today she connects back to her Oriental roots and new cultures she is meeting and discovering as she roams around the world.

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بوس إن بوتز: ذا لاست ويش

بوس إن بوتز: ذا لاست ويش


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