GOLD at VOX Cinemas

GOLD is for the film fan who wants to indulge in a little extra comfort and a wider selection of cinema snacks and beverages. Order gourmet dishes directly to your ultra-spacious seats while enjoying movies on digital surround sound and wall-to-wall high definition screens.

  • What can you expect at GOLD?
    • Reclining chairs. Pillow and blanket available on request
    • Extensive gourmet menu
    • Private lounge area
  • خدمة النادل في السينما.
  • Watch your next movie in GOLD at:
  • Private or Corporate Bookings:
  • Conditions of Entry:
    • Entry is only for guests above 18 years of age. Guests between 5-18 years can enter if accompanied by a guardian. Only the food purchased from GOLD experience will be allowed inside the theatres.
    • Please check the classification of the movie. The age restriction must be complied with.

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